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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Anti Aging Effects
Improves Blood Circulation
Reduces Inflammation and Pain in Muscles & Joints
Helps Reducing Weight
Increases Metabolism
Improves Immune System
Supplies Essential Minerals Like Ca, Mg, K, Na, Fe
Eliminates Bodily Toxins
Antioxidant (Neutralize Dangerous Free Radicals)
Restores pH Balance in Body
Reverse Dehydration
Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level
Contents Of Heaven DEW Alkaline Filter

Natural Calcium: Calcium to water is the most required mineral by human body and benefits the development of bones, teeth and many body organs.

Natural Magnesium: The 2nd most required mineral by human body. This is vital for normal function of human body cells.

Mountain Anti Oxidization Natural Minerals: Add potassium, chlorides and sodium in water. Human body and cells for proper functioning of the body require these minerals.

Natural Black Silica Stone: Black silica contains many natural minerals and emit far infrared rays and negative ions in water making the water clusters small and smooth. The combination of negative ions & far infrared rays released in black silica is reported to benefit skin, diabetes ,tower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduces inflammation & pain in muscles and joints, helps in reducing weight etc. Black silica by nature has a strong ability to remove odour.

Granular Magnetic Natural Tourmaline Stone: Energizes water by further reducing water clusters and molecules. Also increases pH value of water making it alkaline.

Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon: Kills bacteria in water & improves the taste of water.


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