Do you want to know about Alkaline Water? Are you drinking the Alkaline water? What is Alkaline water?

The idea here in this article is to spread the word Alkaline.

There is nothing more important than your health.

You know very well that you are drinking RO treated, Pure and safe water. Hold on for a second; to ask yourself are you drinking the Alkaline water. For most of the readers, in India, it would be a new term and a new concept. But believe me, if Alkaline water is not included in your diet then you are playing with your health.
Let us first try to understand the term Alkaline ?
Alkaline means the base. In your primary school classes, I am sure you have heard about pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

pH scale tells the Acidic and Basic nature of a substance. 0 being the most acidic and pH (14) being the (Alkaline Basic) and pH (7) being the neutral.
(Human blood has a pH value of 7.5 and maintains the pH balance of the body. )
(Acidic)0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14(Alkaline)
Now that, you have a good knowledge about Alkalinity.

The question comes, What is Alkaline Water?pH scale to measure alkalinity of water
The water with pH value greater than 7.5 is Alkaline Water.

Are you doing justification with your Health?
The Alkaline water intake keeps you safe and healthy.
In General, the RO treated water which you drink is of pH value ranging between 5-6 which is acidic on pH scale. So ask yourself are you drinking what is good for your health.
NO, if you are not drinking Alkaline RO Water.

Why Heaven DEW?
Reach customers with Great Alkaline products and Services that brings smile to the customers face and their satisfaction is the utmost priority of the company. Our products are for consumers well being and happiness.

How many types of Alkaline Water?
1. Age Fighting Antioxidant Alkaline water
2. Plain Alkaline Water

How does Alkaline Cartridge works?
The cartridge is fit after the membrane in the RO System. The cartridge Reduces the ORP level of the treated water and enhances the taste of water.
Normaly, people complaints of bad or bitter taste of water (although Scientifically water has no taste)but yes antioxidant alklaline cartridge adds taste to the water.

Have you ever been to Himalayas or some hilly stations ?
Off course, at some point of the time you have been enjoying the nature in the Himalayas.
Here, What I want to say, the next time when you visit some hilly station and see some water falls over there, take a pause and taste that water. The water that comes down is the alkalized water with essential minerals and believe me that water is absolutely fit for drinking purpose.

Moreover, you can also bring the water for pH test and don’t be surprised if the pH comes to near about 10.
That water becomes unfit for drinking when it flows on the ground level and comes into contact with several man made impurities.